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October 2007
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Trick Or Treat

The kids have started showing up at my door with their costumes and candy receptacles. I bought stuff to distribute which I wouldn’t eat myself, but candy which their parents will likely approve. Now, for my blog readers, I have a new “trick,” an old “treat” and just for good measure a combination, sort of […]

Feeling Gutsy today

After initially upgrading my K machine’s “Edgy” to “Feisty” but not getting the “Gutsy” version upgrade option offered in Adept Manager, eventually I found good  instructions that had all key pieces of information (especially enabling the “‘Pre-released updates” repository),

Learning from Psychotic Ranting . . .

I suppose the title for this blog post seems unlikely. If ranting truly qualified as psychotic, whatever that means, learning anything valuable in the common world of our experience from it would likely have a low probability. However, if the ranter merely self identifies as psychotic, he might use the exaggeration and overstatement of a […]

Cookie Party?

What would you get if you took Iron Chef and crossed it with Pee Wee’s Playhouse and had John Waters direct the entire thing? I don’t know for sure, but I think it would look something like this….

Happy Birthday, “Weird Al”

More Iraqi “criminals” killed

In my opinion, people who have internet access have few if any legitimate reasons for claiming ignorance of the actions of US government forces in Iraq. Google News carries over 100 related stories as I type this. Since the UK has announced intentions to leave Iraq, the BBC seems to have stepped up their level […]

As so many have suspected . . .

In The Know: Is The Government Spying On Paranoid Panelists discuss ways to care for the nation’s paranoid schizophrenics, such as hiding cameras in their homes or audio transmitters in their ears.

What lies behind all the financial ruckus

Of late the news has been filled with the doings of the Federal Reserve and other “movers and shakers” in the financial sectors. The media has generated “sound and fury” concerning rate cuts, emergency actions, etc. I took up reading The Daily Reckoning a while ago. I had read other Agora newsletters before, but especially […]

Pictures of Matchstick Men

In 1968 I graduated from La Crosse Central High School. This song epitomizes that year for me. The visuals from this video also fit the period. Here’s another video showing the band “complete with Austin Powers outfits.”

First things

I had a different post set to go as my first, but decided to use that text in the About page instead, since it covered that sort of material. I will probably add to that page as time passes. I put up the “Main Menu” page at today. The “Main Menu” page icon comes […]