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November 2007
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Happy Birthday, Cousin Rachel

My mother’s sister’s daughter Rachel was born a few years ago on this day in November. She and I got along well, but haven’t seen each other very often in the last couple decades. The last time we danced at my daughter’s wedding. I always thought Rachel resembled Debbie Harry, especially as she looks in […]

Happy Birthday, Tina Turner

I like the Mad Max films. Tina played a role in the last one made. Find another birthday tribute from me to Tina at The Sudden Curve.

The payoff begins

Before starting in earnest on developing the new TWE process, having a break from the old TWE chores has allowed me some time to streamline the way I do Ender’s Review (ERev).

Stairway to Gilligan’s Island?

Enjoy Led Zeppelin? I do, immensely. Do you now (or did you ever) watch Gilligan’s Island? I confess, I did, long ago. Plus, more recently, I read Gilligan Unbound, an excellent analysis of some changes in culture since the 60s. However, somehow I missed the mash-up of Led Zeppelin with Gilligan which apparently appeared briefly […]

Essential learning, plus entertainment

Do you like words? Do you know what I mean? Do you enjoy etymology and / or philology? If you do, and you also enjoy female pulchritude, well then, I have a treat for you. HotForWords has made a bunch of lessons on YouTube. The one embedded above even has a few outtakes at the […]

Give Up On Unfree software

Using a Mac (with OS X) may be marginally “cooler” than using a PC with Vista, but in either case who will really control your computer? Will it really be you?

Through an Onion brightly

How Can We Raise Awareness In Darfur Of How Much We’re Doing For Them?

Rewarding Greed and Stupidity

Comedy often exploits stereotypes to get a laugh. However, the class most skewered in this interview parody: bankers and other members of the “financial community,” richly deserve the attention. Watching the video all the way to the end provides some deep insight. Although “markets” predominate in “Mr. Parr’s” discussion, his markets do not qualify as […]

Happy Birthday, Neil Young

With a little luck I might have Ender’s Review done and out before midnight CST; but, if not, then I should have it out sometime tomorrow. I hope it will be good enough to have justified the wait.

Peace for the children of tomorrow ?

Today, the “great” States still wield tremendous destructive power. However, perhaps more people have come to realize that such potential destruction has few, if any, positive uses. In the spirit of that idea I offer this great song and video for the holiday celebration….