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December 2007
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Progress on projects

Although for the last few days I have had a horrible cold with a congested head and frequent sneezing spells, I have made some progress on several fronts.

However, I begin with the “bad news” — I probably won’t have a new movie review ready before the New Year. I have several in various states of completion. However, I have not had the right frame of mind for that sort of project. My head cold has made that situation worse.

Now some “good news” — I have switched my primary workstation to my Kubuntu machine. With the addition of a better monitor with more screen space to that system I am able to get my reading and article “capturing” done neatly.

Last week’s Ender’s Review
was done mainly without Front Page (the HTML e-mail edition excepted — I have to consider options for that), although most of the data gathering was still done on Windows. Since then I have also eliminated all other elements of Microsoft software from the production of Ender’s Review. This week’s issue should be produced without aid of any Microsoft (or other costly and shackling) software.

Perhaps readers here do not appreciate my enthusiasm for ridding myself of “Redmond’s chains.” I don’t have the time or inclination to provide a history of Ender’s Review (or my sentiments about Microsoft) in this entry. However, I will state that Ender’s Review began its “run” deeply embedded in Microsoft Office. Extricating it, and therefore my computing environment, has been a long project; but one I consider well worth the effort.

Although I have chosen to pursue a path as close to purely free and open source software as I can manage, other paths free of Microsoft also exist. I often enjoy reading what Matt Heaton (CEO of BlueHost) writes in his Blog. Excerpting Heaton on Microsoft:

A lot has changed since I got in the hosting business, but the complete irrelevancy of Microsoft is something I didn’t foresee. I have gone from wanting to do Microsoft Windows hosting, to wanting to use certain Microsoft products but not their OS, to wanting to use compatible products with Microsoft software, to not caring at all what Microsoft is doing.

If you like the quote above, read the rest of this selection from not too long ago.


Comment from Sunni
Time December 21, 2007 at 8:45 am

I have several in various states of completion. However, I have not had the right frame of mind for that sort of project.

Oh boy, does that resonate! The tide is turning, however, so there’s hope.

Also, I hope you’re feeling better now, if not completely recovered. Happy holidays to you and yours!

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