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January 2009
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Ender’s Review 2009 January 1 — 10

I’ve decided to “leave the driving” to you, i.e. I haven’t set the hyperlinks below to open new windows, since reasonable browsers offer that option via simple user action. Also, I’ve employed a textual paragraph oriented means of organizing the material. That should keep issues brief, but dense, and allow me the easy capability of inserting any caveats and comments.

I’ll start this first issue of the “new” Ender’s Review with a bit older and longish article (it would have been in the old “Deep Thought” category) from Joseph Stromberg published by First Principles. Next, Kevin Carson offers his insight on Ecuador and the World Bank at the Center for a Stateless Society. David Kendall adds a left-Rothbardian influenced essay from Rich Toscano and John Simon opine that “The US Government Will Not Choose Deflation” at Safe Haven. Sheldon Richman offers insight on deflation’s opposite with “Inflation as Income Distribution” from the Foundation for Economic Education. CounterPunch carries one of Paul Craig Roberts’ latest: “The Difficulty of Being an Informed American.”

On lighter notes Randall Monroe reviews Windows 7 at xkcd, while the Wizard of Id offers insight into state attitudes about taxes. To finish up, Marina (aka HotForWords) gives her first Hot Word of the Week. I reply to some prior comments with extra elaboration below the Marina embed.

I answer the comments from the “Time for a Change” blog entry here.

To Stan, Thane, Matt, Pete, TK, Kevin, Dennis, BW and both Johns: thank you all for your kind words. My “next adventure” will include occasional blog entries such as this one. I will attempt to continue with this more abbreviated and informal style digest, but won’t promise a regular period for them.

I browsed, read and watched many more web items than those linked above, but in my opinion those above were the most interesting I found. I know many more good items were put up over the time covered — I read more, but I won’t continue to format a huge number of links. I hope the number of items “hits the spot.” If you wish a very regular (daily) and more voluminous (usually 50+ articles daily) digest try Rational Review News Digest.

I will continue to give notice of new Ender’s Review postings here through the current Ender groups’ e-mails, but I will probably consolidate some of those groups. I will keep the archives at Yahoo (for the longest standing group) and also at the Endervidualism site (I may add 2003 to those).

To those interested I recommend using an RSS reader to keep up with most sites. I have been doing so for several years. I use Google Reader, but others work very well also. Please feel free to post your comments below, but don’t be contumelious.


Comment from T K Wilson
Time January 12, 2009 at 8:44 pm

Thanks Tom.
The links you gave, gave my server indigestion so I just used and got here just fine. Don’t know why and have no idea what an RSS reader is, but will attempt to find out!

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