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Memory, Making, Meaning

What does the blog title mean? I hope answering that question will focus my activity with this blog. Some general outlines follow.

Making refers to several more specific activities.

  1. My current activities, e.g. with the blog, websites, and other things outside the web as well.
  2. What others might do in a similar vein.
  3. Creation or invention itself and any related topics.

Meaning refers to finding meaning in the makings mentioned above. Memory refers to both my specific memories and history more generally.

Those constraints should not limit me much in what I put up here. I will continue to contribute to Sunni and the Conspirators, as well as The Sudden Curve, occasionally cross posting items, but will post most often on this blog.

I start with Word Press and the Talian theme. I expect to stick with Word Press for a while. I hope to eventually put up my own theme rather than the customized Talian I’m using now. However, I am taking a “Ruby-esque” direction for my other projects (e.g. Endervidualism, Ender’s Review, the movie stuff). Those efforts will move to Ruby on Rails and related software (e.g., Ruby itself and related tools, perhaps Radiant, etc.). That preference may eventually change what I use for a blogging engine, but Word Press currently suits my purposes very well. I like the large community of Word Press users and developers.

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