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December 2017
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He was not a number

Patrick McGoohan and his radical TV mystery/suspense series, gave a substantive critique of the modern world which still has tremendous power.

Campaign Drama

Was There Too Much Sex And Profanity In The HBO Presidential Debate?

Rules and regulations and bosses

I have enjoyed many of Paul Newman’s movies, from early on in The Helen Morgan Story and later Hud, through Hombre, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Sometimes a Great Notion. I haven’t seen many of his more recent films. If I had to pick a favorite, one does stand above the others for […]

The Mogambo Silver Service

I have posted before about the Mogambo Guru. His offering today exceeds his usual levels of both comedy and insight. Here I provide some links to two supplemental articles to which he refers in his excellent screed: one by Jason Hommel and one at Seeking Alpha. Those interested in precious metals investing ought to find […]

Dance more often . . .

I searched for this film on the web a few years ago, along with a few other shorts that I loved from filler spots on cable; but I found nothing at the time. … If you liked Juno or Thank You for Smoking … then you might like this.

He told it like it is

Another big loss . . . Good bye, Hippy Dippy Weatherman.

Almost there . . . .

In The Know: Are Politicians Failing Our Lobbyists?

Are you yelling yet?

Paddy Chayefsky wrote screenplays — some original writing, some screen adaptations — for some of my favorite films, that I have already reviewed, e.g. Paint Your Wagon and The Americanization of Emily. I offer this segment from another Chayefsky favorite, which I have not yet reviewed. A true classic has lasting relevance. Howard Beale’s short […]

(Piper + Carpenter)*1988=”They Live”

I often enjoy Annalee Newitz’s commentary at io9. It makes its way into Ender’s Review often. While browsing through the postings at io9 this week I came upon this. Of course, like with The Matrix — which used AI constructs to portray agents of the power elite — Hollywood wouldn’t go for a more explicit […]

Happy Birthday Steve Earle