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January 2018
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Ender’s Review 2009 January 11 — 31

This second bloggish issue . . . [of Ender’s Review]

Ender’s Review 2009 January 1 — 10

I’ve employed a textual paragraph oriented means of organizing the material. That should keep issues brief, but dense, and allow me the easy capability of inserting any caveats and comments.

Time for a change

Early in 2003 I started e-mailing Ender’s Review to people who had expressed an interest in receiving a compiled list of short quotes or summations for interesting web items with links to those items. At first, the Review mostly focused on things closely related to political issues, but over time it spread its focus further […]

Merry Christmas

The latest Ender’s Review was produced on Linux, using Open Office, Quanta Plus and FileZilla. (The HTML e-mail edition was hacked together, but maybe next week I’ll do better on that.) My turkey will have to wait a little bit. This “merry gentleman” goes now to take a little rest before the cooking marathon later […]

Progress on projects

Although for the last few days I have had a horrible cold with a congested head and frequent sneezing spells, I have made some progress on several fronts. However, I begin with the “bad news” — I probably won’t have a new movie review ready before the New Year. I have several in various states […]

The payoff begins

Before starting in earnest on developing the new TWE process, having a break from the old TWE chores has allowed me some time to streamline the way I do Ender’s Review (ERev).

Rewarding Greed and Stupidity

Comedy often exploits stereotypes to get a laugh. However, the class most skewered in this interview parody: bankers and other members of the “financial community,” richly deserve the attention. Watching the video all the way to the end provides some deep insight. Although “markets” predominate in “Mr. Parr’s” discussion, his markets do not qualify as […]

Happy Birthday, Neil Young

With a little luck I might have Ender’s Review done and out before midnight CST; but, if not, then I should have it out sometime tomorrow. I hope it will be good enough to have justified the wait.

Feeling Gutsy today

After initially upgrading my K machine’s “Edgy” to “Feisty” but not getting the “Gutsy” version upgrade option offered in Adept Manager, eventually I found good  instructions that had all key pieces of information (especially enabling the “‘Pre-released updates” repository),