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February 2018
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Happy Independence Day

Steppenwolf’s “Monster” — Lyrics.

Halloween too commercial

In The Know: Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?

Merry Christmas

The latest Ender’s Review was produced on Linux, using Open Office, Quanta Plus and FileZilla. (The HTML e-mail edition was hacked together, but maybe next week I’ll do better on that.) My turkey will have to wait a little bit. This “merry gentleman” goes now to take a little rest before the cooking marathon later […]

Alternative Santas

Wired  lists a few Santas who “Put the X Back in Xmas.” Objectivist Santa may rank as my favorite. Giving you a taste of that one may create curiosity about the others: As this Santa will tell you, the entire concept of “gift giving” is an immoral construction designed to perpetuate a contemptible society based […]

A winter look before Yule

I managed to get the blog look changed before Yule. That seems especially appropriate this year since the winter season appears to have arrived, at least its snow, well before the official beginning of the season. I found this when looking for “blue winter” videos:

Peace for the children of tomorrow ?

Today, the “great” States still wield tremendous destructive power. However, perhaps more people have come to realize that such potential destruction has few, if any, positive uses. In the spirit of that idea I offer this great song and video for the holiday celebration….

Trick Or Treat

The kids have started showing up at my door with their costumes and candy receptacles. I bought stuff to distribute which I wouldn’t eat myself, but candy which their parents will likely approve. Now, for my blog readers, I have a new “trick,” an old “treat” and just for good measure a combination, sort of […]