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December 2017
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Are you yelling yet?

Paddy Chayefsky wrote screenplays — some original writing, some screen adaptations — for some of my favorite films, that I have already reviewed, e.g. Paint Your Wagon and The Americanization of Emily. I offer this segment from another Chayefsky favorite, which I have not yet reviewed. A true classic has lasting relevance. Howard Beale’s short […]

(Piper + Carpenter)*1988=”They Live”

I often enjoy Annalee Newitz’s commentary at io9. It makes its way into Ender’s Review often. While browsing through the postings at io9 this week I came upon this. Of course, like with The Matrix — which used AI constructs to portray agents of the power elite — Hollywood wouldn’t go for a more explicit […]

I’ve been really busy…, will post more soon.

Almost a month has passed since I put up an entry last. I have several excuses, but I want to post a short explanation today and get to some better posts in the next few days. About the time of my last post Wally Conger tagged me with a “meme” and I will post a […]

Idiocracy coming true, even in details…

Yes, now you can purchase Brawndo!!! Besides buying the “power drink” itself, you can also get T-shirts and other paraphernalia at a website devoted to the Idiocracy drink product spin-off.

Merry Christmas

The latest Ender’s Review was produced on Linux, using Open Office, Quanta Plus and FileZilla. (The HTML e-mail edition was hacked together, but maybe next week I’ll do better on that.) My turkey will have to wait a little bit. This “merry gentleman” goes now to take a little rest before the cooking marathon later […]

Progress on projects

Although for the last few days I have had a horrible cold with a congested head and frequent sneezing spells, I have made some progress on several fronts. However, I begin with the “bad news” — I probably won’t have a new movie review ready before the New Year. I have several in various states […]

A winter look before Yule

I managed to get the blog look changed before Yule. That seems especially appropriate this year since the winter season appears to have arrived, at least its snow, well before the official beginning of the season. I found this when looking for “blue winter” videos:

How about merely the guitar solo ?

Yesterday, during my perusal of my reader feeds, I came upon a plethora of amateur videos from the Led Zeppelin concert at the O2 in England. I found one of “Stairway to Heaven” and posted it here. YouTube may have pulled that video (as Sunni says in her comment here). I don’t blame YouTube. I […]


I wish I could have been there to see this in person.

A magic word

The weather here today makes staying inside the best option. I wish I could say a magic word and make, at least, the ice go away. Magic word, that reminds me — Even that might be better with Rosanna.