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February 2018
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Harve Presnell 1933 – 2009 R.I.P.

Harve Presnell had a great voice and fine presence on stage and screen. He also appeared in several of my favorite musicals.

Dom DeLuise, R.I.P.

Dom had many, many great comic roles. I favor examples from Blazing Saddles for anyone who had a role in it. Even though his part was small, he did his usual great job.

Ready to yell yet?

A year ago … [i]t may have been too early for many people. Now, things have “progressed” further….

Rules and regulations and bosses

I have enjoyed many of Paul Newman’s movies, from early on in The Helen Morgan Story and later Hud, through Hombre, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Sometimes a Great Notion. I haven’t seen many of his more recent films. If I had to pick a favorite, one does stand above the others for […]

I guess it could be worse

People in America who oppose big government may often feel as though they might want to “get out.” However, where can one go? Not Australia.

Dance more often . . .

I searched for this film on the web a few years ago, along with a few other shorts that I loved from filler spots on cable; but I found nothing at the time. … If you liked Juno or Thank You for Smoking … then you might like this.

Harvey Korman (Hedley Lamarr), RIP

Although I often watched Harvey on the old Carol Burnett show, I remember him best as Hedley Lamarr, the “villain” in Mel Brooks’ classic comedy Blazing Saddles….

Are you yelling yet?

Paddy Chayefsky wrote screenplays — some original writing, some screen adaptations — for some of my favorite films, that I have already reviewed, e.g. Paint Your Wagon and The Americanization of Emily. I offer this segment from another Chayefsky favorite, which I have not yet reviewed. A true classic has lasting relevance. Howard Beale’s short […]

(Piper + Carpenter)*1988=”They Live”

I often enjoy Annalee Newitz’s commentary at io9. It makes its way into Ender’s Review often. While browsing through the postings at io9 this week I came upon this. Of course, like with The Matrix — which used AI constructs to portray agents of the power elite — Hollywood wouldn’t go for a more explicit […]

Idiocracy coming true, even in details…

Yes, now you can purchase Brawndo!!! Besides buying the “power drink” itself, you can also get T-shirts and other paraphernalia at a website devoted to the Idiocracy drink product spin-off.