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February 2018
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Growing Ranks Of Nouveau Poor Facing Discrimination From Old Poor

As Americans rush to join the Nouveau Poor, panelists debate the claim that the newly poor are incapable of integrating with long established poor…

The Government Can

Who can take your money, with a twinkle in their eye; take it all away and give it to some other guy? The government. The government can.

Harve Presnell 1933 – 2009 R.I.P.

Harve Presnell had a great voice and fine presence on stage and screen. He also appeared in several of my favorite musicals.

Happy Independence Day

Steppenwolf’s “Monster” — Lyrics.

Literal Videos — going viral ?

“Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video?” Many excellent songs with great music and lyrics often have music videos which don’t seem to fit the songs at all, and also get strange. Bonnie Tyler had a huge hit with “Total Eclipse of the Heart” which was written by Jim Steinman […]

It was 20 years ago today . . .

No, not “Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play” . . . not quite . . .

Catchy tune

“Musical op-ed piece written and performed by John Forster and Tom Chapin”

Dom DeLuise, R.I.P.

Dom had many, many great comic roles. I favor examples from Blazing Saddles for anyone who had a role in it. Even though his part was small, he did his usual great job.

Remembering May 4th, 1970

I remember the Kent State killings very well. I was just the right age for the military draft but had gotten lucky with a 1Y classification (at least until they eliminated that, and then I lucked out with a high lottery number). Of the people my age which I knew well enough to talk with […]

How far have we come ?

We could consider death rates from medical misadventure. [UPDATE: Sorry about the ads, but copyright covers SNL and I couldn’t find it on YouTube.]