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December 2017
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How far have we come ?

We could consider death rates from medical misadventure.

[UPDATE: Sorry about the ads, but copyright covers SNL and I couldn’t find it on YouTube.]

Spring brings new theme

Winter seems over, so I have changed the theme here. Rather than continuing to fool around with the theme I was using, which had troubles, I’ve switched to this one, which I like for its clean look.

I may customize it a bit eventually, or change it again, but I like the default appearance for now.

Dream inspired violence on the rise ?

Should We Be Doing More To Reduce The Graphic Violence In Our Dreams?

In The Know panelists discuss whether seeing images of dead babies and other horrors in our sleep is desensitizing Americans to violence.

Porn misinforms children

Study: Children Exposed To Pornography May Expect Sex To Be Enjoyable

Panelists discuss how pornography warps children’s minds, leading them to believe sex is actually fun rather than shameful and embarrassing.

Sweet Melissa

Happy Birthday cousin Melissa !

Ready to yell yet?

A year ago (April 2, 2008) I posted a short clip from a favorite movie scene. It may have been too early for many people. Now, things have “progressed” further and maybe a longer clip suits the situation better.

Also others think: “It’s time to get all Howard Beale folks!

Network deserves watching. However, be forewarned; the movie doesn’t continue completely like Mr. Beale’s “rise up” speech. If you haven’t seen it, watch some of the related clips on YouTube, especially this one, to get a sampling. Yelling alone won’t solve anything, but it might make a start.

Experts agree, remain calm . . .

New and “improved” Citibank

Teach your children well . . .

Panelists debate whether games like Fallout 3 and Gears Of War 2 are teaching children skills they’ll really need in the End Times.

Are reality shows raising the bar ?

If only Meet the Press, Face the Nation or State of the Union could have episodes like that…. Maybe then I’d watch them.